Welcome To The World Of Dragons!!!

Dragons are some the most powerful creatures you can find in the world. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as the Mythical Dragon the Adamant, or the greedy Great Drake - or simply "Dragon" - the Fire Dragon, the Lesser Drake Urzash, down to the tiny Dracoid Eingana Whelps.

Appearance. Though most Dragons resemble giant lizards or serpents, a few of them are warm-blooded, and some kinds even live in extreme arctic climates. In general Dragons can live with all elements: some prefer the air, others live near the water, on the ground only or also underground - depending on their species. Some Dragons even live on other planes, such as the Abyssal Dragon, which is one of the few creatures living in the Etherial Void. The Dragon is moderately uncommon, but can be found in all parts of Caelereth, though sentient Dragons can mainly be spotted only near the Dragon's Maw and the Tandala Highlands.

The Dragon is rarely seen, simply because of the fact that the natural hunting territories of such powerful creatures are shunned by the people. Certain kinds of Dragons also keep to themselves and "sit on their treasures, waiting for the next hero to pass by - only to have a very short company" (quoted from one of Master Tribell's typical fairy tales about dragonkind). However, at a very special historical occasion it is reported that masses of Dragons covered the skies in order to avenge the death of one of the legendary Adamant Dragons - at the famous Dragonstorm. The horrors this storm brought over Sarvonia are still recounted from generation to generation and will never be forgotten.

Most Dragons hunt by themselves, although some, who either favour large prey or are very small, hunt in packs. Most of the larger kinds have no natural enemies, and are at the top of the food chain of Caelereth, while the Lesser Drakes and Dracoids can be food for other beasts or even other Drakes. Many Dragons also have extremely powerful magic, equal to or even greater than the strongest powers of the lesser races (as Dragons interpret elves, humans, gnomes, orcs and the like).

Since there exists a vast variety of dragonkind, Dragons have extremely different habits and temperaments and are very unpredictable. Some Dragons will kill and devour members of the lesser races on sight, if given the chance, while others would try to befriend them. Still other Dragons may find it better to ignore them unless they are harrassed. Therefore a very important thing to be aware of in
Caelereth when encountering Dragons is to finding the right way to react. Many a sorcerer has been killed when a well-meaning Dragon has approached them, and they fought back. The Dragon was angered and easily killed his opponents. The most notable example of this situation is in the case of Dorgrim the Slightly Dim. Dorgrim was a powerful wizard with little intelligence, as the legends tell us (strange, but true). Dorgrim angered an Aurora Dragon and was known from then on to his acquaintances as Dorgrim the Very Dead...

Categorization. Dragons/Drakes can be divided into four different groups. There are Mythical Dragons, the legendary Dragons of history and myth. There are Great Drakes, which are usually identified with the term "Dragons" and comprise the sentient or more powerful spectrum of Dragonkind living today. The next classification are the Lesser Drakes, sometimes called "Wyverns". The last and smallest group are those lizards or serpents which exhibit distinct Draconian qualities, but are very small or not quite Drakes in their own right, the Dracoids We summarize the different kinds of Dragons as follows: